About me

I am a Software engineer, Singer, Life Coach, artist promoter and writer/photographer. I have survived many adversities (including cancer) in life to reach this point where I live my dreams with all my passion from Venezuela to Boston and now from Paris. I love helping others. I have done this all my life by sharing my skills, talents, support and life wisdom with the whole world to inspire them to live their dreams right here, right now, just like I have been doing! As a software engineer, singer, coach and promoter, I am an all around professional that loves to serve and help others, giving all that I am to make them the best self that they can be and live their dreams. I also love sports, specially dancing and water sports which is why I am also a dancer, triathlete and kitesurfer.

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Me and my Latin Jazz band Vida Vibrante deliver high quality, inspiring, smooth music. We have been described as having a soothing sound which only comes from years of musical practice, study and deep spiritual preparation and inspiration. I believe that I can transform your body and mind when you listen to me singing with my band in Paris or Boston.

Here is a link to my award winning Latin-Jazz album Paris: Summertime in Wintertime recorded in Paris with local musicians. More music in SoundCloud Click below for more info on events, discography, podcasts etc.


360 Life Coach

As a musician and cancer survivor, I know what it means to live off your art, redefine your life and not waste any moment. I have been doing this all my life pushing through adversity and it has paid off with a wonderful life in Paris doing what I love: singing, coaching, supporting artists and living an active healthy-happy life surrounded by loving people. 

I’d love to help you define and reach your life dreams, you can take inspired action and create a more fulfilling lifeThe road to success can be quite a journey but with the guidance of someone who has already traveled the path, the journey to live your dreams can become easier and enjoyable along the way. I have developed a 7 step coaching program which summarizes what I followed in my life to get to where I am. Schedule a FREE one hour consultationCheck out more details by clicking on the button below or book your Life Coaching session:

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My Story: I went from struggling as a full time musician while studying full time, with an un-supportive and controlling environment, in third world country like Venezuela, living in an abusive marriage, having to migrate to a foreign country to find a better future, going through a divorce away from my family and surviving tongue cancer, to living the American dream with a life of material abundance with a luxury car and condo in Boston as a software engineer and singer, traveling the world in singing tours, becoming as healthy as I have ever been with my obsession with fitness and health, learning to ride a bike at 40 and discovering my athletic self racing many triathlons a year and discovering my swimming abilities, even from Alcatraz! twice! thriving with my solo singing in my Gospel choirs and Latin Jazz band plus having an amazing social life dancing and kitesurfing and now living in Paris where I found a wonderful love life, and where after 5 months, I released 3 CDs in various languages and genres, including one which won an award for best jazz song/singer and I work as a Life coach and Artist Promoter, focusing 100% on my entrepreneurship after leaving the corporate world to fulfill my life’s purpose to serve others this way. All this has made me strong and I am ready to give you all the tools that have taken me this far.  If you feel inspired you can read my blogs and podcasts and Paris newsletters after recovering from cancer treatment surgery and check the sport races I have participated since 2009.

Artist Promoter / Software Engineer

I love promoting and supporting my artists. It makes me happy to share the music and art that I enjoy from them with the world. With my social media network and contacts around the world I can help you distribute your art to a wide audience, so that more people can benefit from your unique art and message/presence that you have for the world. I love combining visual and audio artists too. Combining visual art, dance, music and healthy foods would be a dream of a sensory show for an audience that would be blown away by so much creativity and art for all the senses. Do you want to tell your story through your art? I can help you follow the steps towards expressing your art to the world and following your artistic dream.


Writer / Photographer

I truly love all forms of art, visual, auditory, sensory. I decided the best way to let people know about my story is by writing it and taking pictures. I write a monthly Paris newsletter, a weekly newsletter for my fans, daily inspirational quotes on my social media, my athlete blog and my Music Journey podcast, so make sure you sign up below to get the news. Click below to check how I share my life wisdom and steps to live your dreams through writing and photography:

I am excited to announce the publishing of my new Cooking book for healthy and fast cooking under 30min. Don’t miss out and get your copy on Amazon kindle or the PDF version via email!

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