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Let me introduce myself, I am a singer, artist promoter and life coach who has overcome many adversities in life to live my dreams which I pursue with all my passion. I love singing, helping others with life advice and promoting artists. I have done this all my life within my closest friends and circles but now that I am living a fulfilled life, it was only fitting that I started to share my talents, support and life wisdom with the whole world so that YOU can also get inspired to start living your dreams right here, right now, just like I have been doing!

I love to put in practice all my talents at the same time which is why I am a full-time inspirational singer/performer of Latin Jazz and Gospel, an online Life Coach to live your dreams and guide you with tools in life to achieve them and live a fulfilled life, and lastly but not least an artist promoter and philanthropist that loves to showcase artists while supporting the upcoming musicians and free music education such as the work of Zumix in Boston who has almost 25 years of community service through music education.

Below you will find more details about these three lines of work that I am committed to serve the world as. I use my singing to inspire the audiences and the artists that I share the stage to follow their passion and live their dreams. I hope with my voice to touch your hearts and awake that part of you that we all have that makes us take action to live the life that we want and make the decisions that will make you grow in all aspects of life, health, wealth, love and happiness. When I coach you online for 90 days, you will follow a 7 step system that I have developed and followed in my life to get me to where I am now completely satisfied in health, wealth, love and happiness and striving for more growth and at the same time I also collaborate with musicians from USA and France and produce a series of concert tours to showcase their work and raise funds to support the new musician generation with free programs like that of Zumix school by leveraging all my large network that I have built throughout the years all over the world and my social media marketing experience. As a software engineer, singer, coach and promoter I am an all around professional that just loves to serve and help others and give all that I am to make you the best self that you can be and live your dreams.

About My Coaching to Live Your Dreams

Are you craving or facing change in your life or career? I’d love to help you define and reach your life dreams, you can take inspired action and create a more fulfilling life. The road to success can be quite a journey but with the guidance of someone who has already traveled the path, the journey to live your dreams as an artist can become easier and more enjoyable along the way. I love to share my life tools and steps I have taken to live my dreams so you can live yours too!. If you want a sample of my coaching, come to a local speaking engagement to get inspired, enjoy inspirational live music and set you off to live your dreams. If you are ready to join my privileged list of clients just click on the button below:


I have survived being a musician in an un-supportive and controlling environment in an economically depressed Venezuela, where I studied and worked as a software engineer while surviving an abusive marriage and divorce. After migrating to a USA to live the American dream, I found wealth and world travels through my engineering work and singing that I always dreamed of.  After experiencing tongue cancer diagnosis, I survived with the mission to become more focused in my jazz/gospel soloist singing career and turn myself into an athlete/health/nutrition guru. I had never competed in any sport or learned how to bike until 2009. In 2013 I moved to Paris to focus on my singing career and complete more personal dreams,. After 5 months, I released 3 CDs (spanish pop, gospel compilation and jazz), and prepared to launch an my own inspirational life coaching and artist promotion business. All this has made me strong and ready to give you all the tools that have taken me this far. 

Are you frustrated with life and you want to know the steps to make your dreams come true? Are you ready to accept a helping hand and invest in yourself?

I believe my mission as an artist is to share my talent and help others share their amazing talent for an audience that is hungry to hear our unique message through our art. We all have something special to say and a unique experience in life that if shared, we would realize how connected we are and how much we need each other. I love to produce shows and exchange artists from France and USA while fundraising for art education and promotion, cancer research and patient care. 

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As a musician and cancer survivor, I know what it means to live off your art and to redefine your life after cancer and not waste any moment. I have been doing this all my life pushing through adversity and it has paid off with a wonderful life in Paris doing what I love: singing, advising, supporting artists and living an active healthy-happy life surrounded by loving people. 

If you feel inspired you can read my athlete blog after recovering from cancer treatment surgery and check the sports races I have participated in since 2009.

About My Music and Concerts

My jazz band delivers the highest quality of inspiring smooth jazz music and we are ready to perform. We have been described as having a soothing sound which only comes from years of musical practice/study and deep spiritual preparation and inspiration. I am proud to announce that I won the Akademia August 2015 best jazz singer for the Everything Must Change track on my latest Jazz Album recorded in Paris and as part of the award my story was published with an established news and entertainment company Marquix Global Network in November 2015I believe that I can transform your body and mind when you listen to me singing with my band. Check the button below for more details on my music career, discography concert bookings and more:


Below is a link to my latest Latin-Jazz album Paris: Summertime in Wintertime recorded in Paris in 2015 at H2S music studio with my Paris based band and links to my other discography or to book a show. You can also click on the sound cloud icon below this page to hear me sing:


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About My Artist Promotion

I love promoting and supporting my artist friends. It makes me happy to share the music and art that I enjoy from them with the world. With my social media, networking and contacts around the world I can help you distribute your art to a wider audience, so that more people can benefit from your unique art and message/presence that you have for the world. I love combining visual and audio artists too. Combining visual art, dance, music and gourmet healthy foods would be a dream of a sensory show for an audience that would be blown away by so much creativity and art for all the senses. Do you want to tell your story through your art? I can help you follow the steps towards expressing your art to the world and following your artistic dream.


About My Writing and Photography

I truly love all forms of art, visual, auditory, sensory. I decided the best way to let people know about my story is by writing it and taking pictures from my lens point of view. I write a monthly and weekly newsletter for my fans, so make sure you sign up below. I am also in the middle of writing an inspiration book which will be for sale soon. Click below to check how I share my life wisdom and steps to live your dreams through writing and photography: