About Me

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I am a musician and life coach and I love to inspire artists to follow and live their dreams by showing how I live mine by sharing the tools I use and promoting them in USA and FRANCE.

I believe my mission is to help others share their amazing talent for an audience that is hungry to hear their unique message through their art. We all have something special to say and a unique experience in life that if shared, we would realize how connected we are and how much we need each other. I love to produce shows and exchange artists from France and USA while fundraising for artist education and promotion, cancer research and patient care. 

As a musician and cancer survivor, I know what it means to live off your art and to redefine your life after cancer and not waste any moment. I have been doing this all my life pushing through adversity and it has paid off with a wonderful life in Paris doing what I love: music and helping others. 

I have survived being a musician in an supportive and controlling environment Venezuela, studied and worked as a software engineer while surviving a bad marriage and divorce, migrating to a new country to find wealth and world travels through work and singing that I never imagined and then experiencing a cancer diagnosis in my tongue which I survived only to become more focused in my jazz/gospel career as a soloist and turn myself into a triathlete. I had never competed in any sport or learned how to bike until 6 yeas ago. Finally I have moved to Paris to focus on my singing career, where after 5 months of work I released 3 CDs of my music, and prepared to launch this artist coaching and promotion business. All this has made me strong and ready to give you all the tools that have kept me this far. 

If you feel inspired you can read my athlete blog after recovering from cancer treatment surgery and check the sports races I have participated in since 2009.