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Throughout my life I have lived a lot of different experiences, from building a career as a software engineer and jazz/gospel singer to surviving cancer to turn into a triathlete, enduring the life of an immigrant in USA, UK and France as a Venezuelan and overcoming love life challenges to find true love in Paris.

I have written many stories for myself and taken many pictures of my life events. Eventually, I was compelled to write my story to share with the world and now, after a new shift in my life I’m finally able to do so. In my life story book  I will tell you how I live every dream I set my mind to and continue doing so!

In the meantime, I want to share with you my cooking book for healthy and fast meals, it contains 34 yummy recipes easy to make in 30min or less. I tell a short story with each recipe that you will enjoy. Each one has a picture of the actual meal with ingredients, preparation and tips on how to do some variations. For a PDF version, click on the paypal button below and I will email the file ASAP or click on the book cover for the Amazon Kindle version for the same price.

cooking book cover


While I finish my storytelling book you can read my Paris monthly newsletters here and check the photography that accompanies my writings or my instagram pics and please be sure to signup below to my mailing list where I also provide valuable information about my music, coaching and tips for your life.

If you feel inspired you can read my blogs and podcasts after recovering from cancer treatment surgery and check the sports races I have participated in since 2009.

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