Jazz and Gospel singer from Boston, now living in Paris, inspired by the vibrant sounds of South America and the authentic and transforming power of Gospel music, shares a fusion of Latin Jazz. Her band enhances the sound & musical arrangements with incredible rhythmic playing of pleasing forms of Jazz, Bossa Nova and Boleros, with mellow guitar and piano notes and smooth percussion. She merges her life as a Life Coach, software engineer and Triathlete/Kitesurfer to inspire audiences to live their dreams.

My Facebook page Neni & vida Vibrante keeps my fans updated with news and details on where and when I will be playing next or check my Events page here. You can hear me live in Paris and Boston venues. I often do live video broadcasts so stay tuned for the announcements on social media. My recordings and videos are available in SoundCloud,YouTube channel and Reverbnation.  We would love to play for you, for bookings and quotes please email with the details of the event (date, time and location) to



Neni & Vida Vibrante Jazz Band

2015 Paris: Summertime in Wintertime

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Mystic Chorale Gospel Seasons Solo Compilations

–   2015 Mysticly Gospel

suenos EP

Ernesto Franchi and Neni Chacin

–      2015 Sueños EP

GMWA MAss Choir

2000  GMWA – Behind the curtain


Wiinner of the August 2015 Akademia Music Awards for Best Jazz / Singer-Songwriter Song for ‘Everything Must Change’Thank you to my guitarist Mike De Luca, my pianist Barbara Arnould, Percussion player & recording engineer Sebastien Lete and Carlos Julio Vilchez for the master/mix at CJ Studios for helping make this possible.

Check My feature story interview at Marquix Global Network news and entertainment company.

Akademia Marketing radio division has secured the rotation of my winning song on 30+ radio stations in all the mayor cities around the world an avg. of 250 times for each station per month!. I was also notified that my song was #1 on the charts for a considerable amount of time.

Summary Bio:

Jazz and Gospel singer from Venezuela, where she had lyrical vocal training and worked as a church choir soloist, studio singer and lead pop cover band singer for 8 years. She moved to Boston for 20 years where she continued her vocal training with Jazz and Gospel teachers from Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory of music. She focused singing as a soloists for the top gospel choirs in town, sharing the stage with Gospel recording artists and american idol finalists, working as a studio singer arranging and singing for various productions and leading her jazz band. She co-founded thando4thanda that won the Oprah Winfrey award for best acapella group. She was also the lead cantor for the St. Francis chapel spanish ministry for 3 years where she collaborated with Guitarist singer song writer Saul Garcia in many recordings, latin tv/radio shows and live concerts. Now in Paris since 2014, she recorded and released her latest Jazz CD, released a Latin pop EP in collaboration with her guitar player from Venezuela and composer Ernesto Franchi and released a Solo Gospel CD with the Mystic Chorale and other renowned Venezuelan Jazz musicians.

Through her successful experience as an immigrant to USA and Paris, she supported her music career as a software engineer through her victorious battle with oral cancer in 2004 when she became more focused on health and music. She is singer, life coach, triathlete, kitesurfer and artist promoter who inspires people to live their dreams. 

Full Music Bio:

Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, lived n Boston USA for 20 years and now in Paris, France, has been singing professionally since 1987. She has been trained by renowned Choir Directors and vocalists like Victor Galvan and Pierino Priolo from Venezuela where she was the lead singer for several local pop/rock bands opening for local and international artists and worked as a recording artist for many local CD productions, film scores and radio jingles.

She moved to Boston in 1995 and for 3 years continued her vocal training with Berklee College of music alumni Cesar Munoz for jazz and Venezuelan folk music while singing and producing an album with a Renaissance choir Voices of a Dream. Later she joined New England Conservatory of Music with Director Hobert Yates to sing and study Gospel music, which she continued until the present. She participated in Gospel workshops including GMWA and Thomas A Dorsey Institute studying choir conducting, gospel tambourine, solo performance and choir choreography.

She has recorded multiple CDs: 2000 GMWA Mass choir Behind The Curtain, Praise Collective (winner of independent music awards 2002), produced/recorded 2003 Voices of a Dream renaissance music choir, multiple Mystic Chorale CDs (2011-2014), 2015 Suenos a Latin Pop music EP (original music composed by Ernesto Franch), 2015 Mysticly Gospel (a compilation her Solos with the Mystic Chorale) and 2015 Paris Summertime in Wintertime (Vida Vibrante Latin Jazz band)

She participated in many Gospel Choirs where she is a frequent soloist including New England Conservatory of Music Community and Millennium Gospel Choirs, Boston Pops Gospel choir performing at Symphony Hall since 1999.  In 2009 she cofounded a Gospel group called Thando4Thanda who won an Oprah Winfrey award for best acapella group with the privilege to open the stage for the musical Roots at the Wang theatre in Boston. She also sang in theatre musicals such as ART-Best of Both Worlds with the Glorious Voices choir and now from Paris at with Archange Gospel.

Most of the choirs have performed at venues featuring recording Gospel and Jazz artists such Kurt Carr, Richard Smallwood, Daryl Coley, Take 6, Walkins family, Donald Lawrence and Jennifer Holiday and various American Idol finalists among others.

As a Latin Jazz vocalist and lead of her Vida Vibrante band she has performed with local Berklee musicians such as Matt Boland and Matt Jenson and renowned Venezuelan Jazz musicians such as Leo Blanco, Nicolas Villamizar, Carlos Capacho, Juancho Herrera, Aristides Rivas in private and public venues in Boston MA and surrounding areas, since 2002. She is a frequent performer at the renowned Jazz Club Ryles recording various live CDs with her band. She has also participated and released latin pop EP in her solo career and she teamed with Ernesto Franchi (college friend and singer/songwriter) to record his music and with Saul Garcia (singer/songwriter). She frequently participates in studio recordings and creates vocal arrangements with gospel, hip hop, pop and jazz artists. She has toured around the world singing Gospel and Jazz (Europe, South America and Africa). With the move to Paris she has released her Gospel Solo compilation CD and her new Jazz CD which you can get in all online stores. Her Paris CD has been very successful winning the Best Jazz song award which allowed her to have professional world wide music marketing. 

Since 2016 with her involvement with Judy Stakee songwriting retreats in Normandy France she has embarked in her own original compositions which will be included in her next album  in the making”Live your dreams” which will be released in 2017.

I run an artist promotion program with Artists from USA and France. I select artists and coordinate concert tours in Boston, NYC and Paris to support local talent and fundraise for FREE music education provided by music school. To check more details about this please go to my artist promotion page. If you feel inspired by this effort feel free to donate here PayPal.Me/nenichacin and we will send you a free download of my latest Jazz CD and email a signed poster of the musicians I promote.

Bands and Choirs I have sang with:

  • Archange Gospel Choir, Directed by Malik Young Paris 2017 – present
  • Neni & Vida Vibrante (my Latin Jazz band) Boston- Paris, 2005- Present
  • Divinopera Chorale Directed by Marie Saadi, Paris, 2017
  • Voices of Blessings – female gospel ensemble directed by Martha Vedrine Boston, 2012-2014
  • New England Conservatory Community Gospel choir directed by Donnell Patterson formerly Hobert Yates Boston, 1998 -2014
  • New England Conservatory Millennium Gospel Choir Boston, 2000-2014 Directed by Patricia Dance, Donnell Patterson, Renese King, Herb Jones, James Early, Dennis Slaughter, Dennis Montgomery, David Coleman
  • Mystic chorale  Directed by Jonathan Singleton and Donnell Patterson (Gospel season) and Nick Page Boston, 2010-2014
  • Boston Community Gospel Choir Directed by Dennis Slaughter 2001-2014, Boston
  • Ethnic America Summit Choir / BNOW choir Directed by Bill Mooney-mccoy and Zenzo Matoga Boston 2010-2014
  • Jesus is the man Choir Directed by David Coleman Boston 2012
  • CityWide Cambridge Black Pastors Conference Gospel Choir  Donnell Patterson Boston 2010 -2011
  • Glorious Voices – American Repertory theater choir  Directed by David Coleman Boston 2009 – 2011
  • The Voices of Renaissance – children’s choir Directed by Evelyn Lee Boston  2010-2014
  • Silent Unity Church soloist for service Boston 2008
  • Thando for Thanda, Accapella group self directed, Boston, MA 2008-2009 (Award winner of the Oprah Winfrey acapella standoff 2008)
  • 2000 Park arts gospel choir, Directed by Michael Manigault Boston, Ma
  • GMWA Mass Choir, New Orleans, LA  2000
  • Voices of a Dream Renaissance choir, Directed by Joel Ockenheim Boston, MA 1995-1998
  • Cafe Rock Cover Band, Maracaibo 1991-1994
  • Banda de pop/rock de computacion, LUZ Maracaibo 1991-1994
  • Computer Science faculty Choir directed by Victor Hugo Galban, LUZ Maracaibo 1987-1994
  • Coral del Corazon de Jesus directed by Remo Priolo, Maracaibo 1993-1995
  • Coral de la Iglesia de las Mercedes Directed by Victor Hugo Galban, Maracaibo 1988-1992
  • Coral lírica de la Iglesia de la Consolacion, Directed by Yuri Yakime, Maracaibo 1991-1995
  • Coral del Colegio Mater Salvatoris, Maracaibo 1980-1986
  • Mater Salvatoris Elementary school choir Maracaibo 1975-1978
Neni & Vida Vibrante
Neni & Vida Vibrante1 day ago
News updates:
Bonjour again to new and existing Fans! Now is nearly the end of summer but it won’t go away without a some news. I hope you have been enjoying some summer vacations but if not I hope that you will take them soon. I am writing from the plane as I travel from Paris to Boston for some musical and sports tour in USA.

Music updates:
I have great news on August 21st I will have some printed CDs from the 2015 award winning recording in Paris. So you can start ordering online or purchasing one at the August 23rd Ryles Club Jazz Concert in Cambridge next week. Speaking of which, it is going to be an awesome show with Carlos Capacho on electric cuatro, Hana Noh on piano and special Saul Garcia singing duets with me. It will be a new repertoire and you will experience the new songversation concert experience that I have been exchanging in Paris with my band. I might even disclose a sneak peak of the new compositions I have been working on. The Judy Stakee alumni retreat is coming up next week in New York and the community of songwriters has been a gift of friends and collaborators for me. I will broadcast it live and there will also be a Live CD recording. Keep informed by liking my Facebook page for Neni & Vida Vibrante.

After my start in Archange Gospel many things have happened, I love their fellowship and support and I am having a more active role to put in service all my talents. They are auditioning new people in September so if you are in Paris check the details on their fb page. Make sure you like us on Facebook to stay up to date when our next concerts are in September or check my events page on my website

It looks like I will have another concert in Paris with Divineopera choir directed by Paris Opera soloist Marie Saadi accompanied by the Symphonic orchestra Alfred Loewenguth directed by Romain Dumas.

Steps to live your dreams tips and wisdom:
The live your dreams meetups are still going on once a month the last monday of every month except for August but if you are local in Paris please stop by and you will have a creative experience with music and art while discovering your passions and curiosity.
This summer the news all around with USA’s politics on all fronts and the Venezuelan political and economic chaos have taken me to a paralysis limit only to remind me that when I disconnected from what is not my business and focused on myself, I advanced in my professional and personal life. No matter what is going on, keep your eyes on the price. Center yourself at least once a day and see what you can do to increase your life’s prosperity and those whom you love around you that will be directly affected. I am not suggesting to ignore the news but to focus on what you can do to move one step forward in your life. There are always negative things in the world at any given point, but there are also positive things, focus on this and IT will focus on you.

Follow me on social as Neni Chacin and get my FREE cooking book, get daily inspirational photos and tips for life, get concert news and access links to purchase my Paris Jazz CD.

A la prochaine. Bisous
Neni & Vida Vibrante
Neni & Vida Vibrante3 days ago
Pre-order your CD copy now for $10 or buy it after August 21 online or at the Ryles concert August 23rd for $15! Here is the 3D view of the CD you will get.
Neni & Vida Vibrante
Neni & Vida Vibrante4 weeks ago
Off to sing for a wedding with Archange Gospel!