Artist Promotion and Online Digital Services

I am committed to serve the world. I use my singing to inspire the audiences and the artists that I share the stage with, to follow their passion and live their dreams. I hope to touch your hearts and awaken that part of you that we all have, that makes us take action to live the life that we deserve and make the decisions that will make you grow in all aspects of life: health, wealth, love and happiness. I love to showcase artists, participate in community projects and collaborate with cancer research and patient care causes.

I believe my mission is to share my talent and help others share their amazing talents with a world that is hungry to hear our unique message. We all have something special to say and a unique experience that if shared, we would realize how connected we are and how much we need each other. I love to  to collaborate with musicians in USA and France and produce concert tours to showcase their work and raise funds to support new generations of musicians with free music education programs like Zumix school. As a cancer cancer survivor, supporting the research and patient care is important for me too. I am glad I can do all this by leveraging my large social network of followers and friends that I have built throughout the years all over the world with my various experiences.

Artists are eager to share their talents all over the world specially from USA in Europe and from Europe to USA. I can promote your art in Paris, NYC and Boston and coordinate concert tours and workshops. I have have a large network of individuals and venues aligned for concerts and workshops to have a successful cultural and art experience. My experience and knowledge in computers and social media  has brought a lot of success to the artists I promote.

Services details:

  • Logo and art design for Website and social media: I work with quality expert graphic designers to create the best images that represent your brand and to generate unique custom made representations of your online logo and titles starting at $70
     Sample Logos
  • Website – Creation and Support of Simple but quality artist website with WordPress, includes domain name registration and administration. I will train you to handle the updates. Turn around is 1-2 weeks after all the material (text content and images) is delivered starting at $450 depending on the complexity of the site and if it includes e-commerce or not
    Click here for the details of the website creation and what the pricing includes.
  • Social media – coaching and setup of your social media (facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube) $150  
  • Community Manager: monthly service of social media marketing to post 3 times a week on 3 social media profiles $250 per month
  • Booking for a Concert, Tour and/or workshop in USA (Boston) or France (Paris) and guide you in the necessary online social media marketing and onsite logistics for the event. The details vary but contact me for more specific details. Get a quote
  • Coaching session for online music distribution using CD Baby or TuneCore and original music royalty and licensing. 50$ 
  • Coaching session for Creating online artist profile in various web based marketing websites like GigSalad, SoundCloud, Reverbnation, Fiverr, ConcertWindow and other tools for artist promotion.  $150 
  • Coaching session for newsletters and podcast setup and creation for fan updates. $100 

We can work together to share your passion with a very hungry audience. The world is ready for you. Are you?

I can also help promote you and guide you to live your dreams like I live mine, check out my steps to live your dreams coaching package.

There are lots of costs of promoting artists, from travel expenses to promotional material and advertising costs. If you are not an artist but you would like to donate for the artist promotion programs feel free to contribute to this cause via this link 

Feel free to contact me to discuss how we can collaborate at

See some of the artists I promote below:

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