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“Neni est une coach à l’énergie contagieuse. Elle est interactive et adaptable. C’est la coach pour tous les aspects de la vie . Elle a une approche sensible, une positivité et une richesse d’expériences qui permet des conseils surmesure. Une très belle écoute, et une intelligence aussi émotionnelle. Merci infiniment Neni !” – Virginie (Paris) 2018

” Neni knows well how to guide people in different situations, and she is precise. She inspired me on a key point in my life! Her coaching is very helpful and useful. 5/5!” – Ling-Chih (Paris) 2018

Neni is really good at helping us focus on our real best oneself! “ – Karine (Paris 2018)

” Some say that wisdom may take ages to arrive. True wisdom is to know that it doesn’t have to take ages to arrive. And Carolina`s coaching inspires just that!  You are a talented and innovative coach… I met more than 15 different coaches in person, and seen dozens of others over the internet in Paris but never seen someone with your driving energy and life forceSo if they ask me what was the best thing that happened to me in 2017 I will just tell that I became a student at your coaching project. Some women are just remembered through history but Neni is actually making and re-writing history !!!  5 stars! I simply pay my respects with awe to an amazing coach lady !” – Andy ( Paris) 2017

“I found Neni’s personal coaching meetings and calls extremely helpful, especially on a particular problem I was unwilling to face and that scared me. Neni helped me look through the haze of my fear and face the problem I was experiencing, giving me the gusto to deal with it when I just wanted to shrink away from the whole thing. Her interventions were uplifting and gave me the courage to do what I had to do. Thank you, Neni!” – Lisa  (Paris) 2016

“Haber estado 3 meses asesorada y acompañada por Neni fue fenomenal.  Ella estuvo conmigo en todo el proceso de crecimiento personal y lo mas importante a Neni realmente le importo. Eso fue lo que ella me hizo sentir desde el primer día del coaching, que realmente le importa mi bienestar y que logre hacer realidad mis sueños. Siempre dispuesta a escuchar, enseñar y motivar.
Durante el coaching aprendí a conocerme más y aprendí estrategias que durarán toda la vida.
Gracias Neni Chacin.  You are Awesome!!!” – Betty (Venezuela) 2016

From Venezuela, USA and Europe my clients are very diverse 

She has always had a natural propensity for helping and encouraging others, ranging from the cancer patients for whom she helped care in the wake of her own recovery, to the up-and-coming musicians whose work she helps to promote using her social media sites.”

‘Coach Neni’, as I affectionately dubbed her, has proved herself to be an amazing and effective life coach and mentor. First of all, she is a person whom I have known and trusted for many years, meeting as we did through our volunteering for an altruistic cause (one usually meets high-quality people at those types of things).  Second, in a day where friendships come and go, and people have so many ‘virtual’ friends whose only record is often the number of ‘hits’ on one’s social media page (for the record, I do not use social media other than e-mail), we have maintained a true friendship that has lasted for sixteen years, encouraging one another through our various ups-and-down. 

Most importantly, she has proven everything that she has learned and come to believe by actually making it all come true!  Now, how many people do you know who can actually make that claim?!”

I emphasize that by no means does she claim to be a doctor – in fact, she strongly encourages her coachees to enlist the help of their own physicians – but she has an absolute wealth of excellent information learned from her many years’ worth of cancer research.  She provides excellent and easily-doable advice on self-awareness, nutrition, exercise, and rest, and espouses, in particular, the wisdom and effectiveness of tiny steps taken each day and week. “

Threaded throughout the coaching program is the notion that we and our lives are constantly changing, so this is not a one-time program to be completed, but rather, a life-long process that gets reassessed and tweaked along the way.

I can hardly begin to describe the remarkable impact that Coach Neni’s mentoring has had on my own life!  At the beginning, I confessed to her that I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about ‘fitting my life into my life’, let alone taking on a coaching program, yet I realized that if I kept on doing the same old things the same old that I have been thus far, that I would never achieve new results.  

She helped me to calm down and catch my breath, assuring me that the answers that I need to answer life’s questions are inside of me, and to trust that during the process of change that the answers that I was seeking would reveal themselves when I needed them.  Now I had always considered myself as being a pretty positive person, but through doing the steps and answering the questions, I began to discover that there was actually a lot of negative self-talk going on inside my head that I had never even realized was there!  This was a difficult thing for me to admit, and I still have to pay attention to my thoughts and words in order to ‘catch’ and reverse these tendencies, but thankfully, through following the steps, over time these have been occurring less and less.

Coach is always respectful of me and my dreams, gentle when telling me things that I need to hear (such as my need to set limits on how much of myself I will give to other people to the point that I fail to care for myself), patient when I didn’t complete a step quite thoroughly (as long as it isn’t due to excuses!), and a huge cheerleader for me for every baby step of progress that I made along the way.” 

“… she respected my right to choose the methods that I was comfortable with and as well as my right to choose not to choose the others! … Because of the complete freedom and total lack of pressure that I felt from her, I have been open-minded enough to allow myself to try some of the things that I normally wouldn’t have while relying on my own scriptural discernment. Most importantly, she never tried to challenge or change my religious beliefs or to turn me into a clone of herself.

“Another thing that I admire about her is that, while she teaches us to look for the valuable lesson even in the most difficult of situations. She always insists that we honor ourselves and our feelings, and never expects us to act as if everything is wonderful all the time, which would be unrealistic!  We can be real, while at the same time learning to express those feelings in more constructive ways. “

I look forward to her ‘check-up’ calls every couple of weeks, and whenever I have a question during the in-between times, she always gets back to me with an answer within twenty-four hours or less.  The ‘homework’ assignments that she gives weekly are challenging, but doable, and I find that the return for my time ‘investment’ is always very high.” – Stacey (Boston) 2015

Sharing my life is important to me to inspire others

“Just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you have been for me over the past couple of years. At first, I was getting depressed because things were definitely NOT going my way, and my weight started to creep up on me etc. With the loss of my job (and my gym),  things seemed to go from bad to worse…but I kept watching you and you gave me hope! …… Anyway…Thanks for all the inspiration.  You look Wonderful, healthy, beautiful, vibrant AND YOUNG! AND to top it all off you have the voice of an angel!!! I’m so happy for you! Thanks for sharing!” –  Joanne 2011

“Hi Caro, I wanted you to know how much of an inspiration you are to me. I’ve been dealing with some emotional stuff, having a hard time just to get moving in the morning or feeling motivated to do anything. Then I log on Facebook to see what people are doing and where you are running in Maracaibo REALLY! I was there years ago and got a visual of you running along the lago (beautiful). Of course, I thought how could she, with the violence one hears about. Then I thought she is reaching her goals doing What she loves run, bike, swim! Positive energy brings more positive energy thank you for changing my energy focus. Please continue to post amazing pics and status since they bring so much positive energy.” – Maria Luisa 2010