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All in one Coaching and Singing Artistically engineered for you. 
Accountability +  Drive + Engineering = Success
Knowing is not enough, doing it together Will!

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Our custom solution coaching will help you define and reach your dreams, to can take inspired action for a more fulfilling lifeThe road to success can be quite a journey but with the guidance of someone who has already traveled the path, the journey to live your dreams can become easier and enjoyable along the way. We’ll provide the tools and steps to turn your visions into reality. Your life deserves the best coach!

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As a musician and cancer survivor, She knows what it means to live off your art, redefine your life and not waste any moment. She has been doing this all her life pushing through adversity and it has paid off with a wonderful life in Paris debt free, with her loving partner, at the top of her health, running multiple businesses doing what she loves: singing, coaching, supporting artists, programming and living an active balanced-healthy-happy life surrounded by loving people.  

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  • Live Your Dreams: How to live in harmony with my health & live to the fullest and live my dreams now. 360-degree life strategies to self-transformation: 7 steps to living your dreams. 2-month program, 2 Live sessions, 8 videos with instructions & resources, ebook, CD, gifts. $5000 over 80% discount for a limited time for $958  
  • Myself & Others: How to have dream relationships & be happier in all aspects of my life. Audio program & 1 Live session.  $458 
  • Visions come True: How to find what to do in life & live on purpose with passion. Goals & intentions setting To live to the fullest & the life of your dreams. Audio program & 1 Live session.  $258  
  • Migrate to Success: How to move to the USA or France & start a Dream life. 1 Live session,  vídeo ebook. $358  
  • Stairway to your Success Dreams: 58 Ways to find long-lasting happiness and success and life-wealth balance. For a limited time sale for your testimonial. Audio program. $97

Health & Fitness Coaching: Get Quote

  • Dream Life after Life: How to redefine my life after cancer or a traumatic experience & live to the fullest. Audio program. 1 Live session.  $358  
  • My fit-self Dream: How to Become your best self through fitness & health: steps to improve your health to live a life in harmony with the modern world.  Video program, 1 Live session $458.  
  • My first Triathlon: How to go from couch to Triathlon with no experience. A custom program, video 1 Live session.  $358  

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Why do you need this?

Are you wondering what to do with your life and you are thinking what my coaching can do for you?

Are you struggling with unfulfilled dreams that never come true? Are you frustrated with trying and never getting there?

Are you facing or wanting a life change or at a turning point in your personal life or career, where you need to do something about it now?

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed with your current life situation?

Do you need help to clarify your goals and desires to take inspired action and have someone to keep you accountable for it?

Are you unsatisfied with your overall health and fitness?

Do you need motivation and support in your life?

Are you frustrated with life and you want to know the steps to make your dreams come true?

Are you ready to accept a helping hand and invest in yourself?

Do you feel overwhelmed and clueless about website building and social media marketing?

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I am here to help you! Now, it’s the only moment you got to start living your dreams!

What I can do for you…

  • I will guide you to find your true self
  • Set goals and dreams that are your true passion
  • Create a plan and vision with a mission
  • Setup your online business and marketing strategies
  • Create a healthy lifestyle routine
  • Find balance in relationships in your path
  • Generate a change in life for a new direction
  • Create a health and fitness program
  • Unearth your purpose
  • Shift your focus inside
  • Take inspired action
  • Let go of fear
  • and much more…

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Featured Programs

58 Ways to find long-lasting happiness and success and life-wealth balanceSpecial Promotion:  $97 audio program for your testimony: “Stairway to your Dreams”  

neni chacin life coaching

7 Steps to make your dreams come true, 360-degree life strategies to self- transformation. “Steps to Live your Dreams“: 

 An 8-week long program that contains my 7 steps to guide you to live life to the fullest and make your dreams come true. It is based on ancient wisdom that we all carry inside and those of renowned and established masters of life that have helped me in my journey with their tools. I have learned, from my humble life experience that you can set your mind to do whatever you want to and I can teach you how.

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  • End of program gift from Paris “Live your Dreams” bracelet/necklace: bronze medal with silk lace
  • Be Featured on my social media with your flyer
  • Gift card from amazon kindle for their favorite book
  • $25 gift towards business graphics (by my LTC team)
  • Gift from Paris: cloth Tote bag with my logo & slogan
  • Gift From Paris: Mug with my logo or Paris image.
  • Photograph taken by me in a Parisian photo frame with my logo and slogan
  • All my published e-books and CDs.
  • Lifetime access to members area on my website
  • Lifetime access to private Facebook group

Songversation in Paris: (Coaching/Concert)

 Storytelling and Musical of my life story

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Testimonials & Success Stories


Software engineer, Jazz/Gospel Singer/Songwriter, Life strategy & Peak Performance  Coach/Speaker, artist promoter and writer/photographer. She has survived many adversities (including cancer) to achieve a life where she lives her dreams, from Venezuela to Boston to Paris. She loves helping others and has done this all her life by sharing her skills, talents, support and life wisdom with the whole world to inspire them to live their dreams right here, right now, just like she has been doing! As an engineer, singer, coach, and promoter, she is an all-around professional that loves to serve and help others, giving her all to make them the best self that they can be and live their dreams. She also loves sports, especially water sports which is why she is also a dancer, triathlete, and kitesurfer.

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She is currently living in Paris where she found a wonderful love life just after 7 months,  released 3 CDs in various languages and genres, won an award for best jazz song/singer, quit the corporate world as a software engineer to work as an entrepreneur as Singer, Coach, Engineer and Artist Promoter and property investor.She is fulfilling her life’s purpose to serve others this way.

To get here she struggled as a full-time musician during her college years, with a un-supportive and limiting environment in Venezuela, experienced an abusive marriage that led to a divorce in the USA with no family support, overcame the difficulties to become a USA Citizen and survived tongue cancer. Her reward was to live her dream American life with abundance to enjoy her luxury cars, a luxury condo in the hottest part of Boston working as an engineer and singer, touring the world with gospel choirs and her Latin Jazz Band Vida Vibrante, and becoming the healthiest she’s ever been with her obsession with fitness and nutrition, learning to ride a bike as an adult in 2009 and completing  over 30 triathlons around the world, discovering her natural abilities for open water swimming to swim Alcatraz 2x!  plus having a healthy social life, traveling, dancing, and kitesurfing

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